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Hydropool Second Nature Water Care

There’s almost no problem we haven’t seen or repaired. Our technicians are experienced, factory trained and dedicated to getting your hot tub up and running as quickly as possible.


Dazzle Water Care

With a brand name like Dazzle, it’s clear that we’re all about great looking water. We take a lot of pride in developing high performance products that produce consistent results. Our products may be more natural, but we never, ever sacrifice performance to create a greener product!



From the combined hot temperatures and high powered propulsion water flow to the intimate bathing environment, the filtration needs of a spa are very specific and fundamentally different in many ways from pool filtration. Spa and pool replacement filter cartridges have always been clumped together using the same design and materials for both environments. As the industry leader in science and innovation, Pleatco set out to research, develop and successfully create the world's first and only premium replacement filter cartridges scientifically engineered just for spas! What ever size you need we have it.


Lifters & Steps

Hot Tub Service Plus uses only Leisure Concepts products for lifters, steps, and accessories. They are the number one trusted brand for accessories on the market today, and we are proud to offer and install their products.


Retro Fit Spa Packs

If you are tired of your old pneumatic system and want more control
over your hot tub, Hot Tub Service Plus offers the Balboa VS Series
retro fit spa pack. These packs are easy and quick to install, come
complete with topside control, cords, heater and circuit board.
These systems can be used on the intake or discharge side of the
pump, for those tight fit areas. These systems can operate up to
4 pumps, lights, stereo and Ozonator.




Ozone has the ability to oxidize material up to 3,000 times faster than chlorine. Once ozone has entered the water it immediately goes to work disinfecting and purifying the water. Bacteria and viruses are destroyed within seconds. Contaminates such as iron and other heavy metals are oxidized into soluble forms that can be filtered from the water. Ozone is an atomic modification of oxygen and contains one extra atom of oxygen and is abbreviated as O3. Ozonators comes in UV and corona discharge.



Variety of sizes & colors to choose from.


Foam range

  • 3”- 2” taper
  • 4”- 2” taper
  • 5”- 4” taper


Colors to chooses from: black, navy, sky blue, forest green,
almond, tan, brown, chocolate, cranberry, light & dark grey



  • Marine grade vinyl
  • Fiberglass reinforced handles
  • Top stitched
  • 2 lbs high density foam, type 2 virgin bead foam
  • 2 channel across support bars

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